Care Guide

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01 Rest

Wool Project Products are made of 100% natural fibers that may require extra care. After a full day of wear, we recommend you let your Wool Project product rest for 1-2 days, allowing the delicate fibers time to recuperate.

02 Reshape

When using a steam iron, place a thin piece of cloth between your iron and the garment to gently reshape as desired, always keeping a space between the iron and the garment. A hand steamer also works for reshaping.

03 Store

When storing, please do not use hangers and keep garments folded, as gravity can pull them out of shape. For long-term storage, please avoid plastic bins, as they can trap moisture, create odors and attract insects. We recommend storing garments in breathable cotton storage bags. For best results, use cedar blocks or sachet to keep your closet smelling fresh, while naturally repelling moths and other insects.

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